A Love Across the Distance: From First Kiss to Heartbreak

Short Stories
A New Beginning

At the age of 18, living in California, I was a senior in high school when one of my best friends introduced me to his girlfriend’s friend in Minnesota, named Iab. With my past experiences with love and relationships, I was cautious not to give in too easily. I figured it would be okay to just talk to this girl as a friend and to kill time after school.

I remember asking Iab for her phone number while my friend and his girlfriend were on the line with us. She happily gave me her number, and the next day, right after school, I called her. We talked for about a good 30 minutes, and I felt blessed to have someone to talk to after years of feeling lonely. She seemed to understand me very well. As we continued to talk over the months, we found ourselves falling for each other more and more. We started calling each other “babe” and “sweetheart” even though we were not officially dating.

A Blossoming Friendship

I got to know her quickly and asked her out for the first time. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to be in a relationship. Her response hurt me deeply, and I stopped calling her for weeks, trying to move on. While my friend and Iab’s friend were still dating, they convinced me to call Iab again and ask her out once more. I told her friend that I didn’t want to push Iab into something she didn’t want to be in. Her friend kindly said she would put in a good word for me. Shortly after talking to my friend’s girlfriend, I called Iab, and from that moment on, our friendship continued from where we left off.

Taking the Next Step

In June 2008, I had just graduated from high school and finally mustered the courage to ask her out again. On June 23, 2008, we became a couple. Everyone from her family to mine was so happy to see us laughing and talking on the phone. Iab was only 16 when I met her, and I was 18, but our love was strong. Every morning, I would call her before she went to school. Knowing that Minnesota is two hours ahead of California, I woke up every morning at 4 am just to call her and wake her up for school. I was so in love with this girl that tiredness wasn’t a thought in my head.

Since I had just graduated and was the first in my family to do so, my parents offered me a gold necklace as a gift. I asked my mom if, instead of the necklace, she could buy me a plane ticket to visit Iab in Minnesota for a week. My mom granted my wish and bought my first plane ticket to visit Iab in November. Every night, I would call Iab, and we would sleep on the phone until her house phone battery died. This happened every day and every night until I finally flew to Saint Paul, MN.

Meeting in Person

Iab and her family offered to pick me up from the airport instead of my cousin. Seeing her face for the very first time was an unimaginable feeling. It was love at first sight. She was shy, as I was her first boyfriend, so I didn’t expect much from her on that day.

Her parents wanted to introduce me to all of her family members, but Iab wanted to spend some precious time alone with me. We headed back to her place, and her family dropped us off. They asked if I could spend the night with them before going to my cousin’s house. I asked my cousin, and she was okay with it, so I spent my first romantic night with Iab’s family.

Building Memories

When we got to her house, she took my luggage and placed it in her brother’s room where I would be sleeping. She then came back to the living room and sat next to me on their red sofa. As we were watching TV, she poked me on the side, making me jump and laugh. We spent the next hour playfully poking each other. After that, I put my arm around her and asked if I was what she had expected. She replied, “Yes, you are everything I could imagine.” Feeling the same for one another, I looked into her big beautiful eyes and kissed her. It was her first kiss.

The following night, I went to sleep at my cousin’s place, but then Iab and her parents came back to pick me up, insisting I spend more time with her. My parents agreed, so I spent the rest of my days with Iab. We went to the New Year’s celebration together, to the park, and had all sorts of fun as a couple. Each morning, I woke up to watch her hop on the bus to school. I made her bed and waited for her to return from school so we could have lunch together. This became our routine until it was time for me to leave.

A Year Later

At the airport, I held Iab’s hands and hugged her tightly, telling her to wait for me until next year when I would visit again. Our love continued to grow stronger over the next year. In June 2010, I flew to Minnesota again to visit Iab for her senior prom. It was also our second anniversary, so I didn’t hesitate to make the trip. I spent two weeks at her house, rented a tux for prom, and enjoyed our time together.

Heartbreak and Healing

During prom, there was a guy Iab had been crushing on for a long time. He wanted her to break up with me and date him instead. Iab, unsure of who to choose because of the distance between us, chose to ditch me at prom and danced with him. Heartbroken and shattered, I left the prom. Iab saw me leaving and followed me to the car. In the car, I expressed my anger and hurt. She apologized, but I didn’t accept it immediately. Nevertheless, I took her out to eat after prom as I had promised.

At the restaurant, her tears streamed down as she apologized and chose me over him. Deep inside, I was falling for her emotionally again. I forgave her, and we made up. After dinner, we went to a secluded spot and made love for the first time. She gave me everything of hers, and I was willing to forgive her for everything she did.

The Final Visit

In the summer of 2011, I flew to spend a month with her and her family. We went fishing, watched movies, and spent a lot of time together. We bonded with her siblings and parents. During our alone time, we went out to eat and enjoyed each other’s company. I even spoke to her dad about getting engaged. He advised against it, saying I should have faith she would wait for me.

One day, I was bitten by a mosquito, causing my entire right foot to swell. I couldn’t walk, and Iab was always by my side, aiding my foot and putting medicine on it. These moments drew us closer together, and I felt blessed to have her by my side.

The Breakup

Three months later, in August, we broke up. Iab couldn’t give me a clear reason why she wanted to be friends. Despite my apologies and forgiveness, things didn’t work out. We went our separate ways, but my heart still cried for her. We talked occasionally, expressing how much we missed and loved each other. Soon, we were in love again but not dating.

Every night, she would call me, and we would sleep on the phone together. I played the guitar and sang to her until she fell asleep. However, over the months, she started clubbing, drinking, and partying. I asked her to stop, but she refused. I felt the separation between us growing.

One day, she called me, saying she was going to a party. I calmly told her it was best for us to go our own ways. We stopped talking, and a month later, she posted pictures of her new guy on Facebook.

Moving On

My heart still cries for Iab every night. I can’t believe she has moved on, and I know I need to as well. It’s time to find my better half and move forward. “Good things break apart so better things can fall into place.”

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